“Pawnfellas” Coming Soon to Fort Lauderdale

Tom Sizemore is one of the stars of the new reality show, which starts shooting in July

Fort Lauderdale is about to be home to the newest pawn shop reality show – starring real Hollywood stars.

Frank Vincent and Vincent Pastore from “The Sopranos,” Tom Sizemore from “Saving Private Ryan” and “Black Hawk Down,” and Walter Shaw, the idea guy, are spinning off “Goodfellas” to make “Pawnfellas.”

Yes, they're now pawn brokers … with a sense of humor.

"We're going to be pawn brokers,” Vincent said. “We're going to meet people, greet people and probably abuse people.”

Said Sizemore: "I would be the kind of pawn broker that would overpay probably, ’cause I overpay for everything. And I would sell anything. (And end) up getting fired or getting put in stupid jail.”

This newest production validates a burgeoning trend in Broward County. Productions like “Pawnfellas” have brought more than $450 million of economic impact to the county, according to Film and Entertainment Commissioner NoelleStevenson.

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Stevenson says that from the beaches to the Everglades to Lighthouse Point, and points between, film directors can create scenes set at spots around the world.

"Right there you have four major diverse locations which could play for Arizona, Africa, Fiji and Rockport, Maine!” she said.

Shaw got an offer to shoot “Pawnfellas” in Los Angeles for more money, but turned it down. Why not South Beach? Shaw said Fort Lauderdale is home and he didn't even think about producing this elsewhere.

"That’s all played out. Everybody’s seen South Beach,” he said. “Michael Bay does South Beach. J.Lo does that. Everybody does that. Nobody does Fort Lauderdale."

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Shaw, who has a background in jewelry stores, acquired an old jewelry shop in North Beach Shoppes at Northeast 33rd Street and A1A. They plan to buy, sell, and trade high-end jewelry.

The tough guys will start shooting four episodes including the pilot in July. There's already big interest from major networks, but none has agreed to a deal. If all goes well, they'll shoot 13 episodes in the winter.

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