Peek-A-Boo Bandit Robs Store Blind, Literally

A thief uses his hands to cover his eyes while demanding the loot

Peek-A-Boo was one of our favorite games growing up, but a thief in Broward used the toddler game to rob a clothing store.

As you might have guessed, the culprit, now known as the Peek-A-Boo bandit is being hunted by Broward Sheriff's Office for pulling off one of the silliest robberies caught on surveillance.

The man, whose face is clearly caught on store cameras, is seen casing the Citi Trends clothing store in Oakland Park before building up the courage to demand cash from the cashier. But instead of putting on a mask to conceal his already-camera caught identity, the bandit puts his hands over his face and peeks through his fingers at the frightened cashier.

The suspect never brandishes a weapon on tape, but police believe he was armed with a handgun. The scared cashier empties the register while the man across the countrer continues to play peek-a-boo.

He then high tails it out of the store with the loot, leaving the cashier to bury her face in her hands as well.

One things for sure, the police won't be playing games once they catch up with the suspect. If you can identify the suspect, contact BSO at  Crime Stoppers of Broward County at (954) 493-TIPS or online at

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