Pembroke Pines

Pembroke Pines Serial Peeping Tom Turns Himself in to Police

An alleged serial peeping tom, wanted for looking inside homes while masturbating in Pembroke Pines, turned himself in to authorities Thursday, police confirmed.

The suspect has been identified as 43-year-old Pelayo Cerulia of Pembroke Pines. He faces more than a dozen charges including burglary, aggravated stalking and throwing a missile into a building.

Pembroke Pines Police believe Cerulia terrorized women in more than 25 incidents since 2013 in the Windmill Lakes, Heron Pond, Gatehouse and Sunswept neighborhoods in the eastern part of Pembroke Pines.

"He's under arrest today and he won't be victimizing people in this community anymore," said Capt. Al Xiques with PPPD.

According to investigators, Cerulia would approach the rear bedroom windows of the victims' homes and masturbate while looking inside. On two occasions he tried to open a window and during one of those incidents he struggled with a victim who was trying to close the window.

"He was becoming more brazen. The fact that he struggled with one of these victims to open her bedroom window and actually struck her in the process was very concerning," Capt. Xiques said.

Cerulia also allegedly tampered with exterior lights at some homes and broke windows using a slingshot.

As detectives blocked off Cerulia's home with police tape, neighbors walked outside, shocked to learn the alleged serial peeper lived on their block.

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