Pembroke Pines Teens Accused of Shooting at People in ‘Orbeez Challenge'

Two 18-year-olds facing battery charges for using pellet gun to shoot Orbeez water pellets at people, police said

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Two 18-year-olds are facing battery charges after police said they shot water bead guns at more than two dozen people in Pembroke Pines and Miramar as part of a social media "challenge."

Ryan Quiroz and Andrew Morales, both of Pembroke Pines, were arrested Tuesday on three counts of misdemeanor simple battery as well as felony battery on a person over 65, Pembroke Pines Police officials said.

Broward Sheriff's Office
Ryan Quiroz and Andrew Morales

Police said they started receiving several calls around 5:30 p.m. Tuesday involving a gray Chevrolet Silverado shooting at people with a pellet gun.

Detectives determined the vehicle’s two occupants were using a
SplatRball pellet gun to shoot at around 25 people with Orbeez water pellets.

Pembroke Pines Police
A photo released by Pembroke Pines Police shows the SplatRBall pellet gun used by the teens in the "Orbeez Challenge."

One victim was a senior citizen, police said.

The teens fled but were eventually found and arrested before they were booked into jail, police said. They bonded out of jail Wednesday night.

Investigators said it was revealed that the teens were participating in a social media inspired "Orbeez Challenge."

"This type of challenge which is being spread on social media is a crime. Pointing any type of firearm at a person, even a pellet gun, is not a joke and can lead to dangerous consequences," police said in a statement. "In addition, these pellets can cause injury to others or damage to property. We’re asking parents to help us keep our community safe by speaking with your children about the dangers of participating in these types of pranks."

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