Pervy Billionaire a Rothstein “Victim”

Billionaire sex offender suing alleged Ponzi schemer

Billionaire sex offender Jeffrey Epstein isn't exactly a sympathetic figure, and his alleged weakness for underage prostitutes may have made him a target for accused con man Scott Rothstein.

The Palm Beach mogul is accusing the alleged Fort Lauderdale Ponzi schemer of filing trumped-up sexual harassment lawsuits against him to help proliferate his massive $1.2 billion scam, run through his Rothstein Rosenfeldt Adler law firm.

In a lawsuit filed today, Epstein alleges Rothstein told investors they'd get their hands on the nearly $200 million in settlements that Epstein had worked out with RRA, according to the Palm Beach Post.

Problem is, Epstein hadn't agreed to pay out.

"The offer of a $200 million settlement by Epstein was completely fabricated," the suit reads. "No such offer had ever been made."

To make matters worse, Rothstein's lawyers were planning on calling some of Epstein's high profile buddies to testify in the cases, including Bill Clinton, Donald Trump and David Copperfield.

"The sole purpose in the scheduling of these depositions or listing high profile friends/acquaintances as potential witnesses was, again, to 'pump' the cases to investors," the lawsuit reads.

Rothstein, 47, is currently being held in a Miami federal prison, after he was charged last week with five counts related to his scheme, including fraud and racketeering.

Epstein, 56, is a successful financier who pled guilty to procuring teenagers for prostitution in 2008 and did 13 months behind bars.

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