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Dog Stolen During Fort Lauderdale Carjacking Reunited with Owner

A dog that was stolen during a Fort Lauderdale carjacking earlier in the week was found safe and reunited with her owner.

Casey, a 15-year-old Jack Russell mix, was at a local shelter and no one knew who she was.

Casey disappeared when her owner's car was stolen at the Sunshine gas station on Davie Boulevard. Kristen Hurst left her car running not thinking anything like this could ever happen. Casey was inside the car when a woman hopped in and drove off.

"Sunrise and 441, she was found and dropped off the day that my car was actually stolen," Hurst said.

Fort Lauderdale police did track down the carjackers, but not the dog. The suspects told detectives they released the dog on the street.

A woman was picking up her cat at the shelter and spotted the dog she had seen on social media. Margo Severini sent a picture to Hurst to see if it was in fact Casey- and it was.

"I screamed at first and then cried and then I was almost thinking it couldn't be true," Hurst said.

But there's something that's still a mystery: who brought Casey to the shelter?

"I'd really like to find the person who actually brought her in," Hurst said.

In the end, every person counted in the search effort including licensed private investigator Jaime Katz.

"It was just a matter of how we could find her and social media did it," Katz said.

Casey is now microchipped and happy as can be to be back home.

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