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PHOTOS: Emotional Moments Captured in First Week of Parkland Shooter's Death Penalty Trial

Many parents and family members in the audience were seen crying, and some leaving the courtroom, as the sounds of gunshots and screams were played for the jury

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On July 18, Marjory Stoneman Douglas school shooter Nikolas Cruz underwent the start of a trial that will determine his sentencing.

The confessed killer, now 23, pleaded guilty in October to all 17 murders and 17 counts of attempted murder, so the jurors will now decide whether he will be sentenced to death or get life in prison without the possibility of parole.

The jury must be unanimous for the gunman to receive the death penalty, meaning that if at least one juror votes for life, that will be the decided sentence.

Day 5: Testimony From First Responders, Medical Examiners Reveals Gruesome Picture of Massacre

As the first week of the sentencing trial wrapped up Friday, police officers and coroners took to the stand and revealed horrific details of the 2018 school shooting.

Police officers were asked to recount what they witnessed when they responded to the high school following the shooting, which included seeing students and faculty members lay dead in the halls.

Medical examiners were also asked to describe the injuries sustained by victims, and the specific gunshot wounds that led to many students' deaths.

PHOTOS: Gruesome Picture of Parkland Shooting Painted by Witness Testimony

Day 4: Witnesses Recount Interacting with Parkland Gunman After Shooting

On the fourth day of the penalty trial, witness testimony and surveillance video provided insight into the events that unfolded after the school shooting that left 17 dead in 2018.

The court proceedings revealed that after he gunned down his teachers and classmates, the shooter bought a drink at a Subway and asked for a ride from a student at a McDonald's before being detained by police.

After a day and a half long recess, the trial is set to resume on Friday at 10 a.m.

PHOTOS: Events Following Parkland Gunman's Massacre Revealed in Court

Day 3: Students, Teachers Share Experiences of Parkland Shooting from the Witness Stand

The third day of the penalty trial for Parkland gunman Nikolas Cruz consisted of accounts from over a dozen students and teachers on what they witnessed during the 2018 shooting.

One student testifies to speaking with the shooter after his attack, and another unzips his jacket to reveal multiple scars caused by gunshot wounds. Several teachers recount directing their students to safety as the gunman traveled through the school.

PHOTOS: Students, Teachers Relive Parkland Massacre from the Witness Stand

Day 2: Gripping Witness Testimony Continues in Parkland Shooter's Death Penalty Trial

On the second day of the trial deciding gunman Nikolas Cruz's fate, witness after witness took to the stand to share their chilling memories of the Parkland massacre.

Among the witnesses was a video technician who analyzed surveillance footage and two teachers and ten students all present the day of the attack. Many of these former MSD students were shot and wounded by Cruz.

PHOTOS: Gripping Testimony Continues on Day 2 of Parkland Shooter's Death Penalty Trial

Day 1: Emotional Moments Captured During Opening Statements of Parkland Shooter's Death Penalty Trial

Emotions ran high in the courtroom Monday as the death penalty trial began for the confessed Parkland school shooter, Nikolas Cruz.

The sentencing trial for the man who killed 17 people and wounded 17 others in the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting more than four years ago began with opening statements from the lead prosecutor, Mike Satz.

The opening statements were followed by emotional testimonies from teachers and students who witnessed the shooting. Many parents and family members in the audience were crying, and some left the courtroom, as the sounds of gunshots and screams were played for the jury.

PHOTOS: Emotional Moments Captured on Day 1 of Parkland Shooter's Death Penalty Trial

The trial is expected to go on for at least four months. Follow live updates from NBC 6 here.

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