Photos Show Deplorable Conditions at Home Where 13-Year-Old Trafficking Victim Stayed: Cops

Photos show drug paraphernalia, bottles of liquor and a handgun at the Little Haiti home.

New photos show the Little Haiti home where police said a 13-year-old human trafficking victim lived for three weeks.

Inside the house: what appears to be drug paraphernalia on the bed, bags of marijuana, bottles of liquor, a handgun and piles of garbage. Little to no food could be seen in the refrigerator and a tiny bed in a little girl's room.

"They had weed in the freezer and they had crack," the victim, whose stage name was Peaches, told detectives in a recorded interview.

The victim stayed in that house with suspects Vilbert Jean, 36, DeWayne Ward, 18, and Marlene San Vicente, 22, according to police. They are three of the four suspects involved in the human trafficking case.

The girl, a runaway, was just across the street from her own home, police said.

According to the Miami-Dade State Attorney's Office, the 13-year-old girl was forced into prostitution and into dancing nude at Club Madonna in Miami Beach.

Although the girl admitted to police that she initially introduced herself as an 18-year-old, she claims the men were aware of her real age, saying she told Ward herself.

"He said, 'I don't really care about your age. You better make some money,'" Peaches told police officers.

Meanwhile, defense attorneys said a candid jailhouse video reveals the suspects did not know the girl's real age.

"Had a heart attack when I heard that," said Ward in the video, recorded before the suspects were interrogated.

San Vicente's lawyer, Dustin Tischler, said his client was shocked when police told her that the girl was a minor.

"Marlene says her heart hurts and the other guys are saying it's unbelievable," Tischler said.

Authorities said the girl danced at the club five times, making more than $1,000 dollars, all of which went to the suspects, who they say groomed her, provided her with exotic clothes and payed to have her nails and hair done.

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