Physician Delivers His Baby Son in Car

Baby Liam was delivered in the parking lot of the emergency department

A physician delivered his third son in the family car in the parking lot of the emergency department, with the 5- and -3-year-old children encouraging their mother.

After midnight on Tuesday, Dr. Timothy Hawkes, an orthopedic resident at Broward Health Medical Center, got his wife and their family into the car after her water broke.

He had called in an alert to the hospital while coaching his wife. As they were driving down Interstate 595, he realized that the baby was crowning.

As he pulled in to the ER parking lot, he knew there wasn't enough time to make it through the hospital doors.

So, with his older children in the car, he delivered his son Liam.

"We’ll call him Liam, and his middle name will be Carter because he was born in a car, and his last name is Hawkes," he said.

Even with all of the screaming and crying in the car, Hawkes knew he had to keep it together.

"Definitely an interesting car ride. I’m just glad that everything went well. I mean, it was a very smooth delivery given the circumstances, and so far he’s been healthy and happy," he said.

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