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Pinecrest Woman Arrested After Allegedly Robbing Neighbor's Home While Owners Were Out of Town

A Pinecrest woman is in trouble with the law after allegedly robbing her neighbors. Police say she broke into three different homes on the same street in the past six months.

37-year-old Jessica Coggins, a stay-at-home mom, was arrested Monday and charged with burglary and grand theft. Her attorney told a judge at a court hearing Tuesday that the mother of three is a hoarder and needs mental help. 

Police say Coggins stole items that were valued at $20,000, including jewelry and rare coins. Officers say she had already pawned a lot of the jewelry.

The incident reportedly took place while the homeowners were on vacation between Friday and Sunday. Officers say they grew suspicious when Coggins showed interest in the case.

Police search Coggins’ trash, which contained several coins as well as photographs of a second home in the neighborhood that had been burglarized months before. She was arrested, at which point cops found jewelry and medication belonging to the first victims inside her purse.

They also found keys to another home in the area, belonging to the parents of the couple in the earlier robbery. Police have yet to determine if Coggins had any role in the earlier robbery or was planning anything for the third home.

At a hearing Tuesday, Coggins was given house arrest pending her next hearing on Thursday. She was still allowed to take her children to school but the judge ordered her to stay away from the alleged victims.

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