Let's Go Streaking! Pink Highlights Raise Cash for Cancer

The next time you head to the salon, consider going pink

Okay, ladies (and some gents), listen up. The next time you head to the salon to get those highlights, you may want to consider going pink. This month, the cancer support group Gilda's Club is kicking off a fundraiser to bring light to a serious issue.

A wash, a rinse, a cut here, a cut there…

"First you separate the hair," a student stylist demonstrated. Then she added in a new hair highlight. The hue isn't blond or racy red -- it's hot pink. The Sheridan Tech cosmetology students are taking on a community project called Hair Because We Care, raising money for Gilda's Club.

"While breast cancer month is during the month of October, [Gilda's Club] helps people that have all kinds of cancer," explained Dr. Elizabeth Wynter. The non-profit group runs on grants and donations, ans so it needs money to offer hope for those who need it most.

"If you can imagine hearing those words, 'you have cancer,' how that leaves you feeling and how you and your family are affected,” Wynter said. So this month, South Florida stylists are asking for $20 donations, which come complete with a pink extension and a stuffed puppy.

"For $20, which we normally waste, this is certainly a good cause," said donor Evelyn Lockett (no pun intended). Sheridan is targeting students and the public, but even faculty members are getting in line.

"I'm supporting because of my niece, who has breast cancer throughout her body," Lockett said.

“I have a lot of community events I’ll be attending this week, so I’ll get to show off my pink hair," added faculty member Lynn Goldman.

They’re all aiming to address cancer head on, in hopes of cutting it out.

You can show your support for the Hair Because We Care fundraiser at more than 40 sites in South Florida. For a complete listing, visit the Gilda's Club website.

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