Pitbull – Australian for No Show

Pitbull allegedly missed three shows in Australia, lawsuit claims

It doesn't seem like a G'day for rapper Pitbull.

Fresh off getting the key to the city from Miami officials, Pitbull was served with a lawsuit claiming he owes thousands of dollars in damages for not showing up to three concerts in Australia scheduled in late 2008.

Apparently Pitbull felt like he should have been paid just for considering spitting lyrics for the Aussies because he decided to keep the advance payment he received, alleges Jaime Fernandez, a Sydney-based promoter.

"We did everything we could to make him happy, sometimes even going that extra mile in order to meet his demands," Fernandez told the New Times. "But yet he still refused to get on the plane. Not only that, he also failed to notify that he wasn't coming and also kept half the money for doing nothing at all."

Ay papo! What could those demands be? A stripper poll on the plane? if his demands are anywhere near as silly as T-Pain's cartoon fetish, Fernandez should have never landed the plain on a Miami tarmac

You'd think Mr. 305 would want to stay away from courtrooms these days. He was recently acquitted of a DUI and Dolphins fans are looking to sue him for defacing the team's fight song.

He has until Sept. 2 to respond to the charges, which were filed in the Australian court system, his attorney told the New Times.

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