Pitbull Makes Surprise Appearance at Local Graduation

It was quite a night for more than 300 students at Doral Academy who celebrated their graduation with a surprise visit from an internationally acclaimed artist.

The graduates at Doral Academy came to their feet when "Mr. 305" himself, Pitbull, took a break from the world stage to take center stage at the ceremony.

While Pitbull didn’t go to college, and hardly made it out of high school, he still soared to success. The popular artist tops many music charts and is internationally known. Pitbull, real name Armando Christian Perez, received an honorary degree from Doral College, which shared a ceremony with Doral Academy.

“Because of everybody up here, I am you, you are me,” Pitbull said. “I understand your struggle and I understand what you guys are about to do with your life.”

Krystal Vazquez, a student, said it meant a lot that he went from being nobody and on the streets to becoming somebody; that anybody can do it, anybody can make it.

The keynote speaker came as a total surprise to students.

Jean Karlos Espinosa said, “It wasn’t expected at all. I thought it was going to be some old person no one knew. Then they said 190 million views and I was like ‘who is this?’ Then he was just there and I still can’t believe it.”

“It’s kind of a privilege,” said student Natalia Fumero. “I always hear people don’t know the school, where it is at, most people don’t know where the school is.”

After attracting the international superstar, Doral Academy’s graduation put the school on the celebrity map. As for Pitbull, his next big appearance will be performing the official anthem for the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil. The anthem is entitled, “We Are One.”

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