Fort Lauderdale

Small Plane Crashes at Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport

Crews responded after a small plane crashed and caught fire on the runway at Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport Wednesday.

Fort Lauderdale Fire officials said the two-engine plane burst into flames after belly landing on the runway around 11 a.m.

The two people who were on-board weren't injured, officials said.

Officials said a call came into the tower from the pilot who said he had to make an emergency landing.

Firefighters said the pilot and passenger were able to escape on their own and the fire was quickly put out.

"When they arrive on scene their first concern is laying down a foam blanket for the jet fuel , that's their first priority and then rescuing any people on board," Fire Rescue Chief Gregory May said.

Airport workers said they saw the plane circle the airport a few times before the crash landing. The aircraft is registered to a man in Iowa, and according to airport workers was likely coming back from a delivery in the Bahamas or nearby islands. 

Officials said it appeared there was an issue with the landing gear but the FAA and National Transportation Safety Board are investigating.

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