Eastbound Alligator Alley Shutting Down As Plane is Towed Away

A small plane made an emergency landing on  I-75 west of US Highway 27 in Western Broward Wednesday. Eastbound lanes of Alligator Alley were being shut down as crews hauled away the plane. 

A flight instructor and an aviation student were on board the Cessna 172 when it touched down at mile marker 33, the FAA said. The men are from Wayman Aviation. One of them told NBC 6 "we did it."

Footage showed the small plane parked on the side of the highway.  

"It was a great safe landing. The best of a bad situation. I'm very proud of them," said a representative from the aviation company. 

Broward Sheriff's Fire Rescue said they called in for engine failure before executing a perfect landing on the pavement and then gliding onto the grass.

Hours after the incident, mechanis took a look at the plane and removed the wings for towning. 

No one was hurt, Florida Highway Patrol officials said. 

The FAA is investigating. 

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