Plantation Fire Unit Takes Part in Training Exercise

NBC 6 received a firsthand look at the emergency activities that firefighters face on a daily basis. There are varying degrees of risk, depending on the incident, and the firefighters are specifically trained for each one.

On Monday, the firefighters that make up the Plantation Fire Department's RIT Unit (Rapid Intervention Team) took part in a training exercise.

"We are trained to remove ourselves from an entrapment so when we can't get out, it's heavy duty," explained Battalion Chief Joel Gordon.

Monday's scenario involved a firefighter falling through a roof. The goal was to get them out fast but safe.

"Running through the front door seems logical but it's not always the best scenario. A firefighter may be at the back of the building. Maybe on a second floor, maybe some place else," Gordon explained.

RIT Units all across Broward County now have RIT bags, which contain everything a team needs.

"The most important thing this bag has is an air supply. Back here we have safety rope. Then wire cutters and basic hand tools," Gordon said.

But the most important part of these exercises is teamwork and that's why these drills are made as real as possible. It's not just a firefighter that's being saved, it's someone's family.

"We're going through a lot of this training now to make sure, God forbid, we're prepared and we get them out as safely as possible," Gordon said.

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