Plantation Resident Starts Petition to Change City's Name

Plantation was incorporated as a city in 1953

Plantation City Hall
City of Plantation

A Plantation resident has started a petition to change the city's name, saying it's "a symbol of its racist confederate past."

The petition was started earlier this week by Dharyl Auguste and by Friday morning had more than 3,100 signatures toward its 5,000-signature goal.

"In the wake of the Black Lives Matter Movement and the protests around the country I believe this is the perfect time for the city to align itself on the right side of history by casting away a name that does it no justice," Auguste wrote in the petition. "Plantation and the areas surrounding it are a diverse melting pot that shouldn’t have to carry a reminder of oppression in its namesake."

Plantation was incorporated as a city in 1953. According to the city's website, the name comes from the Everglades Plantation Company, which had previously owned the land.

Auguste has suggested renaming the city to Jacaranda, calling it a "familiar and friendlier name," but said a new name should be voted on by residents.

"We as a country are going through radical changes and I would like to see our beloved town follow suit to other places that are condemning and removing confederate monuments," Auguste wrote. "This simple name change will signify our step into a new era of social consciousness."

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