Plastic Surgery Center Changes Ownership After Recent Deaths

Eres Plastic Surgery, a clinic that has been at the center of numerous NBC 6 Investigations, has closed down. Another company, Imagenes Plastic Surgery, is expanding and has started to use a clinic space on SW 8th Street in Miami that Eres had used.

A spokesperson says Imagenes has hired many of the same doctors and staff members who had worked at Eres.

It’s the third name and ownership change for the SW 8th Street location in Miami in less than a year. It’s been called both Vanity Cosmetic Surgery and Eres Plastic Surgery in the last year.

As of now, the spokesperson said the Eres location in Hialeah on W. 49th St., that had previously been called Encore Plastic Surgery, will remain closed.

NBC 6 Investigators have been reporting on women from across the country who have traveled to the Eres, Encore and/or Vanity clinics in Hialeah and Miami in the past year to have cosmetic surgery and died.

Some of the women who have died recently include Ranika Hall, a new mother from Kansas City. She died in March after going to the Eres location in Hialeah for a Brazilian Butt Lift.

Heather Meadows, a mother of two, died last May at the same Hialeah clinic when it was called Encore.

In September 2016, Maria Christian died at the SW 8th St. clinic in Miami after undergoing a tummy tuck procedure. When she died, it was called Vanity Cosmetics but just over a week later, the name was changed to Eres.

An attorney who recently filed a lawsuit against Eres Plastic Surgery, Vanity Cosmetic Surgery, Encore Plastic Surgery and its owners has claimed the owners changed names to avoid problems.

A spokesperson for Imagenes tells NBC 6 they’re doing a complete “overhaul” of the facility they are now occupying and are making many positive changes.

An attorney for Imagenes contacted NBC 6 after this story was first published and reiterated that this is a complete ownership change and the business move was not done to avoid problems.

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