Police Can't Stop Fake Cop

Miami-Dade police are having a hard time tracking a fake cop on the roadways

Miami-Dade police need your help catching one of their own kind. Well, someone pretending to be one of them.

The man, who wears a police T-shirt and flashes a badge, has successfully pulled over eight motorists since May and robbed them of jewelry and cash. The impostor drives a four-door gray sedan and must also be equipped with some fake police lights to get people's attention to pull them over.

As if Miami-Dade's law enforcement needs more help tarnishing its public reputation, this rash of robberies by a fake cop may cause motorists to think twice about stopping when the real boys in blue try to make a traffic stop.

Most of the robberies have occurred in southern Miami-Dade and the fake cop is pretty bold. He pulls people over day or night.

Victims have said the man has even threatened some people with deportation. The man also tells his victims he is carrying a gun so police consider him very dangerous.

Police released surveillance video Thursday of the man at one of his recent stops. In it, he walks a victim into a gas station to get some cash from the ATM.

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