Police Chase in Homestead After Suspected Robberies Ends in Crash, 2 Hospitalized

Two people are in the hospital – and five others are in police custody – after a police chase in Homestead ended with a crash.

Around 5 a.m., police received calls of people who claimed they were robbed by several men in a vehicle that was driving around the area. Police were eventually able to locate the suspect car based on witness descriptions. Officers tried to stop it, but the car would not pull over and a chase ensued.

The driver eventually lost control during the chase and crashed along Palm Drive. Five people bailed out after impact and two were captured immediately while the others fled to a nearby community. All three were eventually caught, including two who hid an unlocked car and had to be captured by SWAT officers from Homestead Police.

One of the injured people inside the car, a female teenager, was airlifted to Kendall Regional Medical Center. The other injured person was taken to Homestead Hospital but was eventually airlifted to Kendall as well due to his injuries.

Police say a majority of those involved are teenagers.

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