2 Women in Custody After North Dade Police Chase

Aerial footage showed the car driving through residential areas.

Two women were taken into custody after a police chase across north Miami-Dade Thursday afternoon.

The chase ended at 44th Street and Northwest 16th Avenue in Miami. Police approached the car with their guns drawn before they apprehended the two suspects.

Smoke surrounded the car as it pulled over to stop, authorities surrounded it and took the women into custody. Later, firefighters arrived to put out the car fire, while neighborhood residents gathered a distance away to see what was going on.

The suspects have not yet been identified.

Aerial footage had showed the car driving through residential areas.

Opa-locka Police said the chase began when a driver tried to hit a police officer with her car. The officer was not injured, police said.

The two women were at a Wells Fargo on 131st Street and Northwest 27th Avenue, and employees called police because they through the women were trying to commit fraud, authorities said.

When authorities arrived, the women were entering their car, and that's when they tried to run over an officer, prompting the chase, authorities said.

“A vehicle coming at you is a deadly weapon and can kill. It is just that simple, so what ended up happening is somewhat of a controlled pursuit,” Opa-locka Police spokesman David Chiverton said.

Clifton Askew, who watched the chase end outside his house, said the driver almost hit two girls walking home from school.

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