Miami-Dade County

Police Clear Old Boats, Debris From Northeast Miami Waterway

NBC Universal, Inc.

Miami-Dade police got rid of boats and debris that were sitting idle in the water near the Pelican Harbor Marina Friday as part of an ongoing operation.

“Abandoned and derelict vessels continue to be a problem within Biscayne Bay and other parts of Miami-Dade County,” said Detective Andre Martin of the Miami-Dade Police Department.

The department told NBC 6 they were able to remove five boats and other trash. Martin said he hopes this will help eliminate the problems caused by polluted water.

"Pollution, trash and overall, it's a navigational hazard for the waterways of Miami-Dade County," he said.

Martin said the public can help with their operation. 

“You, the citizens of Miami-Dade County, can assist us in our duties to help clear up the waterways by reporting and derelict vessels you may see,” he said. 

According to the department, owners of abandoned boats can be fined, arrested, or even have their boat taken away from them. 

The department plans to continue with the operation, noting that they have a number of pending investigations into boats that have reportedly been left in the water. 

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