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Police Continue to Investigate Weekend Shooting in Coconut Grove

Police confirmed the two people who were shot at Saturday were inside a car

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The Miami Police Department is investigating a weekend shooting in Coconut Grove that left two people injured. 

It happened Saturday night along Bird Avenue. Police had the area between Mary Street and Virginia Street blocked off with crime scene tape. 

Neighbors described hearing a lot of gunshots.

“I thought for sure it’s fireworks,” said James Craig, who has lived in the Grove for more than 30 years. 

“What I heard was a barrage. About 40 rounds were fired,” said another neighbor who asked not to be identified. “There were shots fired at a car that was parked at that building. It was directed fire."

Miami Police won’t say just how many shots were fired, but investigators confirmed Thursday that two men who were inside a car were shot at and subsequently struck. The two men were taken to Jackson Memorial Hospital.

Investigators are not releasing much else. However, they did say they are reviewing video from the area. 

“I feel unsafe now. I’m really nervous because I walk dogs around here,” Craig said.

“We expect the Grove to be where we can come home, be safe, walk our dogs, enjoy our lives,” said Janel Kuhl, who owns Grove Gallery and Interiors and also lives in Coconut Grove. 

She said she came home about ten minutes after the shooting happened, seeing the police scene on her way. 

“The Grove, we perceive it to be very safe, but something like gunshots and things in this part of the Grove is not something we're accustomed to,” Kuhl said. “We really hope the police are going to be here be vigilant making sure they’re keeping an eye on this type of thing.”

Police say both of the men who were shot are expected to be OK and say one has already been released from the hospital. They say there is no info at this time on the shooters. 

Some neighbors say there is a rental property in the area that has been an issue. NBC 6 reached out to find out more on that angle and is waiting to hear back. 

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