Homeowner Arrested After Police Find Animals Hoarded at Lighthouse Point Home, Living in Deplorable Conditions

Police arrested a woman for animal cruelty Friday, following reports of large-scale animal hoarding at a Lighthouse Point home.

Around 70 animals were found at the home located on the 2200 block of Northeast 38th Street in Lighthouse Point, police said.

Linda Giaccio, 69, was arrested late Friday evening. Giaccio has been charged with five counts of causing cruel animal death, pain and suffering. Her bond has been set at $12,500.

Upon their arrival, authorities say they found 60 cats and 10 dogs in extremely neglected condition. At least four dead cats were also found.

Police said they served a search warrant in the home after a dog bit another dog this week. Neighbors said they have smelled a bad odor for as far back as they can remember and knew there were animals inside but had no idea how many.

Officers had to wear hazmat suits just to go inside the home, which had floors covered with two inches of urine and feces, officials said.

Lighthouse Point Police Chief Ross Licata said it's the worst case of animal hoarding he's seen in his 40 years of law enforcement.

"I've been in the business for a long time and quite frankly, the conditions are as bad as I've ever seen in a home," he said. "There is urine and feces all over the house, probably two inches thick."

The house is registered to Giaccio, who has been to court on multiple occasions for misdemeanors and civil items with the City of Lighthouse Point, records showed.

Police said there was no sign of the 69-year-old woman at the home.

Neighbors said she stops by to drop off food and they've often spotted her sleeping outside.

The investigation is ongoing.

Check back with NBC 6 for updates as additional information is made available.

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