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Police Hope Mentor Program Will Curb Violence at Coral Springs School

Recent videos showing students fighting at a Coral Springs school have parents concerned about safety, but a new program being developed could help curb the violence.

Videos released in recent weeks showed fights involving students at Coral Glades High School, and Coral Springs Police have arrested students in some cases.

But Police Chief Clyde Parry wants to start a pilot program to stop the fights before they start at Coral Glades and other local schools.

The program, likely to be called "Safe-Keepers," would enlist parent and community volunteers to spend a few hours at school every week to mentor and uplift students.

"We’ve been having some problems with school release, fights between kids and episodes we are trying to put a lid on," Parry said. "We are looking for positive interactions with the kids that will hopefully put them on a positive path as they’re leaving school, and for those who feel like they may want to get involved in some kind of unruly activity we are hoping just seeing that there are extra eyes and ears around may deter them from doing it."

Any adult "Safe-Keeper" would go through a background check and receive training before starting the program. The idea is already getting praise from parents.

“It would help, I totally agree, they could certainly use whatever help they can get. They’re short staffed as it is," parent Lori Depass said.

The program is in its infancy, and police are still figuring out exactly how it would work. Parry is set to meet with Broward County Punlic Schools' interim superintendent on Friday to discuss the program.

If it gets the green light, it could begin as early as next school year.

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