Police Identify Suspect Wanted in Halloween Armed Carjacking: CGPD

Coral Gables Police have identified the suspect who was allegedly involved in an armed carjacking on Halloween.

18-year-old Luis Alberto Basalo of Miami is wanted by police.

Police said on Oct. 31, just before 10 p.m., officers responded to a carjacking and shooting in the 400 block of Rosaro Avenue.

"We are actively pursuing this fugitive. We consider him very violent," said Chief Edward Hudak. "Mr. Basalo is known to law enforcement agencies. He has a violent criminal past."

According to authorities, Basalo and four others asked for a ride outside of Sunset Place. A teen couple agreed and while driving, police said Basalo pointed a gun to the man's head and both victims exited the vehicle.

"He took out a firearm and shot both of the individual Good Samaritans and left them for dead on the side of the road," Hudak explained.

The victims were shot several times, but survived.

"We don't want to release their names and their information for fear of any kind of retaliation. This is the kind of guy that will retaliate," Hudak said.

Basalo and the group then took off in the couple's Infiniti.

That same vehicle description was mentioned in an arrest report for a separate incident that occurred in Miami the day after the carjacking. Detectives said suspects in an Infiniti followed a victim on a bike, struck him and then pointed a gun at him.

"He was able to dodge those bullets, but just yesterday, we were able to pinpoint who one of the shooters was," said Kenia Fallat with Miami Police.

The 17-year-old suspect was arrested at Miami Jackson Senior High School, where police caught him with a loaded gun. An official source confirmed the teen suspect in the Miami bike case was in the Infiniti with Basalo during the Halloween carjacking in Coral Gables.

Police later recovered that black Infiniti in the City of Miami. They said the license plate had been changed.

Detectives have also located and questioned all of the other people who were in the vehicle with Basalo on Halloween.

"For the safety of everybody, including himself and my officers and all the other officers that are actively engaging, I would suggest he turn himself in," Hudak said.

Basalo faces several charges including two counts of attempted murder. Charges are pending against the others that were in the vehicle.

If you know anything about Basalo's whereabouts, you're urged to contact police immediately.

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