Miami Beach

Police Investigate Sexual Battery of Woman in Miami Beach

Police are investigating after a woman said she was the victim of a sexual battery in Miami Beach.

The incident happened on November 21 when the woman said she and some friends had gone to Mango’s Tropical Cafe, a police report said.

While at the bar, the woman said she was approached by a man who claimed he was visiting Miami and introduced her to his friend. The two men later invited the girls to have more drinks.

After a while, the victim remembered being in a car by herself with the two men, the police report said.

While in the car, one of the men made a sexual advance on the victim, making her feel uncomfortable, so she climbed over the center console to sit in the passenger seat. The victim then reported blacking out and the she did not remember anything else about the car ride, the report said.

The report said the woman woke up in a home and the man was on top of her while she was fully nude trying to rape her.

The woman ran from the home on foot and and tried to find help but was in an unknown neighborhood in Miami Beach. She tried to flag down drivers, but nobody stopped, the report said.

Police said the woman was eventually confronted by one of the men from the night before, and she told him to drive her to the police station.

Instead, he ordered her a car service to take her to the airport, the police report said.

At the airport, two employees helped the victim contact the police and she reported the sexual battery. Officers later transported her to Jackson Memorial Hospital for further medical evaluation.

The incident remains under investigation.