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Police Officers Generously Help Fort Lauderdale Family After Burglary

For the second time in six months, Randi Calhoun and her kids, TJ and Destiny, were ripped off by thieves.

"They're terrified to sleep here, they're terrified. I'm terrified," Calhoun said. "My son was like, 'My Xbox isn't here.' I'm like, are you serious? They got us again."

Thieves got them for a TV, Xbox, games, two tablets and a computer. Calhoun broke down and called Fort Lauderdale Police.

On cue, in walked the heroes of the hour, Officer Juan Ho, doling out hugs. The affectionate greeting was in order because of the selfless, kind act of Officer Ho and his partners Aaron Wright and Wes Taylor.

"They got him a brand new Xbox, better than the one they had, and games. I just broke down. I was crying," Calhoun said.

While at the family's home, the officers heard TJ turn to his sister and say, "They got everything, they took everything."

Officer Ho ponied up one of his personal TVs, a generous gesture these men in uniform felt compelled to do.

"You look at these sad faces of the kids, it kind of tugs are the heart strings and Aaron and I looked at each other, we called Wes and we knew what we had to do," Officer Ho said.

"We care. We really do and like my partner said, you look at these kids faces and see that games are taken and somebody came into their home," Officer Wright said.

"For him to tell me last night that this family has been victimized more than one time, yeah, it kind of pulled at the heart strings," Officer Taylor said.

Little TJ, who's painfully shy and short on words, summed up an awful day with a happy ending in just a few words, "I want to say thank you."

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