Police Make Arrests After Recovering Stolen Trailer Loaded With Toys For Children With Cancer

Police arrested two people early Tuesday morning who allegedly stole a trailer from inside a North Miami gated community that was full of toys for children with cancer.

Sunrise Police arrested 30-year-old Dudley Merus and another suspect after the trailer was found late Monday night off Northwest 25th Court and 91st Way.

Officers found the trailer after Sylvia Vanni, founder of Mystic Force Foundation, took to social media and contacted the police earlier in the day after finding the trailer had been taken from her home.

"I don't know how it didn't touch their hearts and realize that they were stealing from kids with cancers," Vanni said. "I don't know how anybody could be that heartless."

Vanni says she was in shock when she found out someone made their way inside her gated community and stole the trailer.

“I am ecstatically happy and so thankful to friends who saw the trailer and called the Sunrise Police Department,” Vanni said. “This really means a lot. All of this is to help these kids to have a little fun and be like normal kids.”

Vanni created MFF to help sick kids in hospital - doing so after her son died of cancer 

"After he passed away, I knew there was more I needed to do for the kids in the hospital," she said. "These kids spent weeks to months at a time inpatient, so any little thing we could do for them makes such a huge difference."

Sunrise Police officials told NBC 6 in an email they believe the second person arrested was a teenager, however that has not been confirmed.

Vanni said she had collected around $5,000 worth of goods for kids. After hearing the news of the trailer being stolen, she said a local pastor donated a $1,000 check to Toys R Us for the charity.

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