All-Clear Given at Miami Carol City Senior High School

Authorities responded to Miami Carol City High School Friday morning following reports of suspicious activity on the campus.

The school is located at 3301 Miami Gardens Drive in Miami Gardens.

School leaders received an anonymous call, saying there was a weapon on campus. When a teacher spotted two students exchanging bookbags, they thought it looked suspicious and officials put the school on lockdown.

"I was in the automotive class and the next thing you know, you just see two helicopters flying around and you just see cops," one student explained.

When officers responded and approached the students with the bags, the students ran off.

A perimeter was established. Police eventually apprehended and questioned the two students. They aren't releasing why the teens were taken for questioning or why they were running in the first place.

The bookbags were searched but nothing was found.

After the area was cleared by police, school operations went back to normal.

Miami-Dade Schools said there was no threat to the campus or students.

In an unrelated incident, an adult was arrested on school grounds for trespassing. In addition, there were earlier reports of an injured student on campus, which turned out to be false.

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