Police Shoot and Kill Man in Miami

Police forced to shoot after man refuses to drop metal object

Police shot and killed a man who they said had a metal object in his hand after an altercation in Northeast Miami-Dade.

Officers were responding to a disturbance call at a home on 83rd St. just west of Biscayne shortly after 11 p.m. last night where two men were reported to be involved in a fight.

When they got to the home, cops found one man bleeding, then chased down a second man. When the second man refused to drop the metal object he was holding, police opened fire.

"The officers confronted the subject, he was armed with a metal object," said Det. Lena Adams, with the Miami-Dade Police, who added that officers had no choice but to open fire after the man refused to drop the object. "He refused to comply at which time the officers discharged their firearms, striking the victim."

The unidentified man was pronounced dead at the scene.

Neighbors who knew the man were shocked at the incident.

"He's come to our house, he's played dominoes with us, Yahtzee, cards and it's just like all of a sudden one night this happens? It's really not right," said neighbor David Arturo. "The man doesn't believe in violence so they shot him five times...he doesn't do any type of drugs, he causes no problems."

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