Police Shoot Armed Man in Miami-Dade

Cops open fire on man involved in domestic dispute

Miami-Dade police say they were forced to shoot a man who refused to drop his gun as they responded to a call in Homestead early this morning.

The man was airlifted to Jackson memorial hospital and is in stable condition. The officers weren't injured.

Police say they were responding to a dispute at the home, located at SW 152nd Place, just before 1 a.m. when they encountered the 22-year-old armed man.

A family friend said the man was arguing with his wife, but didn't deserve to be shot.

"All I heard was guns coming everywhere," said Dayami Benitez. "That guy doesn't do [anything] bad to anybody...They should have investigated more instead of shooting him."

"I heard like at least like 30 shots, His truck is there and it's full of shots. Come on, it's only one guy."

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