Police Sting Nabs Suspect in Miami Springs Parking Lot

Police rushed in to apprehend a suspect after he broke into a decoy car in the parking lot of an International House of Pancakes in Miami Springs Wednesday, authorities said.

Detectives set up the decoy vehicle after a rash of vehicle break-ins in Miami Springs along businesses on Northwest 36th Street.

Surveillance video from the IHOP, at 5175 NW 36th St., captured the man parking next to the decoy car. He broke into the car and took something from inside it, Miami Springs Police said.

But after the man got into his own car, he was only able to drive forward a few inches before officers rushed in and blocked him with two unmarked black cars. Moments later multiple Miami Springs Police cars arrived, the video shows.

The suspect was immediately taken into custody, police said.

Police said their sting was conducted as part of their investigation into the recent break-ins, but it was not immediately known if the man nabbed Wednesday was a suspect in those break-ins.

Nearby business owner Hank Boone said Wednesday’s break-in concerned him.

“I’m surprised that this area, here, as a business owner, we feel safe and secure. I leave my car here. So when this happens, it concerns me,” he said.

But Boone also said he is very happy that his tax dollars helped pay for the sting.

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