Police Warn of Email Scam Targeting Netflix Users

A hoax email targeting Netflix users is a scam designed to get users to turn over personal information to hackers, police are warning.

The email looks like a legitimate message from Netflix, and claims the user needs to update their payment details and billing information. Scammers want the user to click on the link embedded in the email, which could potentially install malware on a computer or mobile device.

“Criminals want you to click the links, so that you voluntarily give your personal identifying information away,” police in Ohio wrote in a Facebook post.

The emails are headed with the “Netflix” logo and use a red and white color scheme, making them look authentic. However, there are ways you can detect whether the email is a hoax or a genuine message from Netflix.

Scam emails are often riddled with spelling errors and grammatical mistakes. In the email the Ohio Police Department shared, for example, the user is addressed as “Dear” and “Help Center” is spelled “Help Centre.”

The officer who shared the scam email also didn’t have a Netflix account, the post noted – a major tip-off that it was a scam.

For more tips on how to identify scam emails, click here.

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