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Police Zero in On Couple Involved in Murder at Fort Lauderdale Bus Terminal

Police say Kimani Brown and Shaniyah Kressin have been on the run for 10 months after they say Brown shot and killed Davonta Gaines inside a crowded Broward County bus terminal.

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Fort Lauderdale Police aren’t backing down on their search for a young couple. 

They say Kimani Brown and Shaniyah Kressin have been on the run for 10 months after Brown shot and killed a man inside a crowded Broward County bus terminal.

Newly released surveillance video shows a crowd of people dispersing and running for their lives at the bus terminal on Oct. 17, 2020. 

According to Fort Lauderdale Police, Brown shot and killed 28-year-old Davonta Gaines. Two innocent bystanders at the terminal were also shot, and the entire situation unfolded in broad daylight. 

"Clearly he wasn't thinking about anything but whatever he was focused on there because with all of the people there and as many rounds as he fired, we're lucky more people weren't killed,” said Det. Sgt. Steve Novak with Fort Lauderdale Police. 

Detectives say just minutes before the shooting, the victim was inside a convenience store across the street from the bus terminal. Witnesses say he was talking to a woman, but police don’t know what the conversation was about.

“Inside the store we only see him speaking, we don't have sound on that and it doesn't appear that anything hostile was being done inside of the store and definitely nothing threatening that would've justified anybody reacting this way,” said Sgt. Novak. 

Police say the woman who spoke to the victim at the store is Shaniyah Kressin. She is also the suspect's girlfriend. 

Kressin's family has not heard from her since Christmas Day.

"Shaniyah has been a known runaway so I don't really know the friends that she keeps. I just know that I'm always here for her,” said Teresa Kressin, Shaniyah’s grandmother. 

The couple managed to flee, but not without being captured by multiple surveillance cameras across the city.

Investigators believe they were in Massachusetts and Connecticut earlier this year.

"It's horrible. It is absolutely horrible. I hate to see that she is with a character like that. It breaks my heart. I fear for her,” said Teresa Kressin. 

Fort Lauderdale Police are currently calling Kressin Brown’s female associate, not a suspect. 

"Right now we are focused on arresting him for the murder. She did not pull the trigger,” said Sgt. Novak. 

As for a motive, detectives are not sure. It appears Kressin and Kimani did not know Davonta Gaines. What is clear to police is that the suspect is armed and dangerous.

"Well at this point he's already killed one person in broad daylight and has yet to turn himself in to law enforcement so I would say that yes he is a danger."

If you know of their whereabouts or have information, call 954-828-5556 or Crime Stoppers at 954-493-TIPS. 

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