Poll Worker Paychecks Rejected for Some in Broward County

An issue with the check forced the new Supervisor of Elections to send out new checks

Months after the midterm elections in November, some poll workers are just now getting paid. The Broward County Supervisor of Elections Office says bad checks were sent out to about 100 poll workers because of an issue with the paper stock.

A viewer contacted NBC 6 Responds after his bank rejected his Election Day check.

“If you say you are going to pay me, pay me,” James Baldacchino told us.

Baldacchino says at the end of November he deposited a $220 check from the Supervisor of Elections Office but three days later his bank rejected it. The $220 was taken from his account and he was hit with a $120 in overdraft fees.

“So I turned around and called the Supervisor of Elections and said ‘Hey, your check bounced,'” said Baldacchino.

He says he was told to stop by the office and fill out paperwork so they could issue a new check. Weeks later, when he still didn’t have his money, he called NBC 6 Responds.

“This is not how you do business,” said Baldacchino.

We reached out to the new Broward County Elections Supervisor Peter Antonacci. He told us the check-cashing glitch was caused by faulty paper stock.

“When the perforation was torn sometimes the perforation tore the bank tracking number,” Antonacci explained.

He says his office had already taken action by reissuing checks and switching paper stock. He also plans to hand out checks directly to poll workers on Election day next time.

“It’s a long day and we are grateful for their participation in democracy. Without it, we couldn’t run an election,” Antonacci said.

As for James, days after our interview he got his check for $220 and another check for $48 partially covering overdraft fees.

“Will I do this again? I’m sorry I won’t be back doing my civic duties because they don’t know how to treat people,” Baldacchino told us.

Antonacci tells us so far they have reissued checks to every person who encountered an issue.

If you worked during the November election and had an issue depositing your check, you can contact the Broward County Supervisor of Elections Office.

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