Pompano Beach

Pompano Beach Restaurant Closed After Gas Stove Explosion

A Pompano Beach restaurant is temporarily closed after a gas stove explosion caused severe structural damage to the establishment and burned a 43-year-old employee’s face and lower body.

The incident at Saveur Tropical Restaurant occurred at 8 a.m. Wednesday, as the employee was struggling to light the gas stove. According to the City of Pompano Beach, the eatery at 515 NE 24th Street started filling with gas and when the stove was finally lit, an explosion blew out the windows and the oven door.

The employee was transported to Broward Health North by Pompano Beach Fire Rescue. Her condition is currently unknown.

According to a news release, Pompano Beach structural inspectors deemed the restaurant as unsafe and ordered it closed until the facility is repaired and inspected.

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