POP Tennis Offers Unique Twist on Game of Tennis

With the Miami Open in town, you might find yourself dreaming of glory on the court. Although you may not play like a pro, a twist on the traditional pastime may have you feeling like one in no time.

It looks like tennis and it sounds like tennis, but the racquets are smaller, the courts are shorter and the game is slower.

"It's an all American sport, for players of all ages, all abilities and all backgrounds," said Lee Sponaugle, POP Tennis player.

POP Tennis is everything you love about the traditional game, just a lot easier.

"You and I can get on here and go out and hit and within minutes, you'll be able to master this game and have fun and have a rally," Sponaugle explained.

The game involves a low compression tennis ball, which slows things down and allows the players more control.

"It's easier to make contact, the distance is shorter, easier to read the ball," said Aldo Burga, tennis instructor.

It's easy and fun but it has the same strokes as tennis. You have to drive through the ball on the forehand and the backhand, and drive through your volley when you're at the net.

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