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‘Porch Pirate' Accused of Stealing Packages From Homes in Coral Gables

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A South Florida man a judge dubbed a "porch pirate" is facing multiple charges of burglary after allegedly stealing packages from homes in Coral Gables.

On Tuesday police officers made a traffic stop when they noticed Yunior Blanco Pedroso's blue BMW that matched the description of a vehicle involved in several burglaries in Coral Gables.

Pedroso's bond for one case on Wednesday was set at $10,000. Six more charges of burglary and petit theft to homes were added Thursday. Some of the alleged crimes were seen by the homeowner's surveillance cameras.

"Allegedly taking packages from the residences of various victim's, he walks to the victim's home and took the package," said the bond court judge during Thursday's proceedings. "The victim's had his package of $120,000 delivered by UPS and it was stolen from his front porch, the merchandise was stolen from the front porch. His blue BMW is parked on the sidewalk by the residence."

Prosecutors say Pedroso wasn't alone, there was an unidentified woman with him during some of the alleged burglaries.

Pedroso was appointed the public defender in bond court by the judge. The judge gave Pedroso a stay away order from the victim's homes and set a total bond of $63,500.

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