Miami Beach Barricaded Bank Robbery Suspect Shot, Killed: FBI

Police remain on the scene Friday morning where a bank robbery suspect in Miami Beach who barricaded himself in an apartment building was shot and killed by police, according to the FBI and police.

It all started when the FBI and Miami Beach Police responded to a suspicious package and bank robbery Thursday afternoon.

The robbery happened around noon at the Regions Bank at 780 Arthur Godfrey Road, FBI officials said.

Money was taken but the amount wasn't released. Photos released by the FBI showed the robber, who was wearing camouflage and smiling.

Officials said the suspect in the bank robbery barricaded himself in a nearby building. Authorities negotiated with the suspect into Thursday evening.

Almost 12 hours later the bank robbery case turned into a deadly officer involved shooting. After hours and hours of negotiating, a barrage of bullets brought the standoff to an end.

NBC 6 cameras recorded the sound of at least 20 shots fired inside the apartment building.

"Well it's like a movie... it's like I don't know, I didn't expect to have this," said witness Angela Arana.

"I stepped out on my porch and when I did they told me I need to leave," said resident Johnathon Folland.

Police said the robber assaulted several people and when he tried to hide out in his home wouldn't let up, barricading himself. The scene paralyzed the neighborhood while SWAT gained entry.

"We couldn't get out for four hours or five... until one of them helped us to go out because we didn't have food, and now we can't go in," Arana said.

After long hours in the heat trying to negotiate the talks broke down. Police killed the man in his home with the Regions Bank he robbed just blocks away.

"I saw the bomb squad here... police rushing at snipers here... but it was a very scary scene. I've been here since one," said resident Orlpha Nopl.

Before the standoff, police had to diffuse another situation, a suspicious package outside the bank, in the area of 41st Street and Alton Road. Traffic was snarled for hours, the Julia Tuttle Causeway onto the beach was at standstill and local roads closed for hours. Bomb squad officers responded to the scene and later gave the all clear on the package.

Miami-Dade Police say the fatal shooting is still under investigation.

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