Going Postal: SoFla Collection Boxes Disappearing

Post office is removing mailboxes across South Florida

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In Biscayne Park, Florida, you'll find old tree-lined streets, a new park, a unique village hall, even world famous Episcopal priest Alberto Cutie.

But even Father Cutie has to head outside the village limits to mail a letter after every mailbox was removed from the area.

Maria Camara, a longtime resident of Biscayne Park, was shocked when her mailbox was suddenly missing one day. 

"I've been a resident here 24 years, very convenient, come around the corner and put our mail in here, never had a problem and now it's gone," she said.

The 3,200 residents of the village in the eastern section of Miami-Dade County are so concerned they passed a resolution calling for the post office to put the mailbox back.

 "It was gone, overnight," said Ana Garcia, Biscayne Park Village Manager. "We started having folks calling us, coming to village hall, inquiring about where their mailbox was, and we made some phone calls and they told us they had to take it."

The Post Office said with fewer people using the old school mail system, it's too expensive to operate some of the drop boxes but that actually leaves the thousands not paying on line, or doing business with with some companies that won't accept electronic payments searching for a mailbox they can count on.
Overall, it expects more mailboxes to be taken out this year.

The Postal Service also said it is stopping taking out mailboxes right now while it does a study to see where the mail is being dropped off.

Across South Florida, the Postal Service has removed over 450 mailboxes in the last two years, just short of a 20 percent drop and they said that trend will continue.

Go to http://usps.whitepages.com/post_office to locate a mailbox in your area.

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