Obama Makes Cuban Burger Stop in Miami

Prez indulges in fast food on way out of town

After wrapping up a whirlwind fundraising trip in Coral Gables, President Barack Obama got a taste of Miami, Cuban-Style, with a Cuban Hamburger.

Obama ordered five burgers at family-owned restaurant "El Mago De La Frita" in west Miami-Dade Monday night before leaving town.

"You want one too? Who else wants one?," asked the President to the traveling White House Press corp before paying with cash. "We can't tell the first Lady," he joked about the not-so healthy meal.

Obama met with the owners and got a tour of the small eatery from congressional hopeful Joe Garcia.

Before the Cuban burger stop, Obama's third trip to the Magic city was all business. Just three weeks before the midterm elections, the President is stepping up his campaigning on behalf of the Democrats.

Upon arrival of Air Force One Monday afternoon at Miami International Airport, U.S. Rep Debbie Wasserman-Shultz and democratic Senate candidate Kendrick Meek were among the first to greet the President on the tarmac.

The Presidential motorcade drove down Le Jeune Rd. and arrived at the Coral Gables home of former Heat star Alonzo Mourning for a private fundraiser. Some of the attendees included Magic Johnson, Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade. The fundraiser will benefit the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee or DCCC which allocates money to Democratic candidates.

U.S. Rep. Ron Klein of Boca Raton will also benefit from the President's visit. Klein is in a tight race against Tea Party-backed Allen West.

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Alex Sink did not attend, even though President Obama campaigned for her during a Miami Beach fundraiser this past August.

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