Preschooler's Pot Show-And-Tell

4-Year-Old Brought Bags of Weed to School

A precocious four-year-old preschooler nearly gave his classmates a serious case of the munchies when he brought his brother's weed stash to school.

The preschooler's pot was found by a Tamarac Preschool teacher after the student pulled a full baggie out of his backpack, showed it to a classmate and said, "That's my brother's weed," according to the South Florida Sun Sentinel.


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The boy's teacher then checked his backpack and found two more Ziplock bags filled with marijuana. She then called the cops and child abuse hotline.
The 4-year-old initially told police that his 21-year-old brother had hid the weed in his backpack, but later said he had found the stash in his brother's room.
The boy's mother told police she didn't know there was any pot in her house and that she hadn't seen it when she packed his book bag. A police investigation turned up no more weed in the house.
The pint-sized pot possessor's stash will be destroyed, police said.

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