Pro Bowl Tight End Jordan Cameron ‘Shocked' by Dolphins Experience So Far

Maybe it’s the Dolphins reputation around the league, or maybe it’s what happens after playing for the Cleveland Browns. Former Pro-Bowl tight end Jordan Cameron told me on NBC Sports Radio Sunday that he’s been "kind of shocked" by the Miami Dolphins first class environment.

Cameron signed a two-year, $15 million contract with the Dolphins this offseason and here’s what he said when I asked what has surprised him the most:

"Honestly, how professional this whole organization is. Down to the food and the sports science, everything they got going on here, the equipment people are taking care of you, the coaches, everybody is so professional in what they do," he said. "I’ve been very impressed with everything so far.”

Cameron is slotted to be the Dolphins' starting tight end and said he’s been working with quarterback Ryan Tannehill for months to "develop continuity."

But is Tannehill the best quarterback he’s ever played with?

"Arguably so, he’s definitely up there," Cameron said.

Cameron probably doesn’t want to diss any former teammates but there’s no question Tannehill is an upgrade on the QB’s Cleveland was throwing out there during Cameron’s four seasons with the Browns.

Cameron missed six games last season because of concussions and said missing time "wears on you mentally, knowing you could be the man out there and you’re not." But he said his concussion history also left him with a bad feeling about fantasy football.

"I can’t repeat what the fans say about me and fantasy football. You get injured and you hear some terrible things sometimes," he said. "I can’t stand fantasy football. It drives me crazy. I mean, it helps the game so much, don’t get me wrong, but you hear these people, they lose their minds if you mess up their team. They don’t even care what you’re going through,” Cameron said.

How bad does it get?

"They’re telling me ‘I hope you die,’...I’m like geez, I’m trying to get back, I’m not trying to hurt your team, it’s crazy," he said.

During the interview Cameron also told a great story about his eye-opening "welcome to the NFL" moment.

"The first play I ever played in I was running a fade route and I got pushed out of bounds and one of the lineman, Tony Pashos, he brings me aside and says ‘You’re never going to make it in this league. You got pushed out of bounds your first play,'" Cameron said. "He’s just shaking his head looking at me and he was saying it with a straight face. A couple weeks later, he came up to me and says 'I was just testing you to see how mentally tough you are.' He turned out to be a great guy. It’s just kind of a scary thing when a 12-year [veteran] tells you you’re never going to make it."

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