Project Medishare Bringing Life and Limbs to Haiti

Each child injured in the January earthquake will get a limb

In the aftermath of another natural disaster, it's Project Medishare that is one of the first organizations that rushes to Haiti's aid.

The Miami-based group is about to ship over $1 million worth of prosthetic limbs to the residents of the ravaged island nation as part of a commitment to provide health care services to the most vulnerable in Haiti, its children.

The humanitarian aid is even further needed after flood waters flowed through the island from the effects of a tropical storm over the weekend.

The limbs were donated by Knights of Columbus, a Connecticut-based company, who pledged their help to the cause in August. The two companies combined their efforts in response to the overwhelming need for limbs after the devastating earthquake that rocked Port-au-Prince in January.

Some children were forced to use fence posts and other unsanitary objects for artificial limbs.

Project Medishare will not only deliver up to three limbs per child, but also provide the physical therapy needed to make sure the children live a full and functional childhood.

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