Promote This! Paris Hilton Cleared in Lawsuit

Paris Hilton is guilty of being in a crappy film, but not of avoiding promotion

All that flirting with a federal judge has its benefits.

Paris Hilton's movie "Pledge This!" was a colossal flop, but a Miami judge ruled she won't have to pay investors more than $8 million because of it.

U.S. District Judge Federico Moreno said the $8.3 million sought by an investor lawsuit is complete speculation. The lawsuit blamed the 2006 movie's poor showing on Hilton's failure to promote. Hilton claims she did everything she could. In reality, the movie just sucked. Period.

We're pretty sure this would have been an open and shut case if Moreno just viewed the first 20 minutes of the movie.

The ruling is almost sure to get Judge Moreno on Hilton's BFF list, particularly after their classic interaction during the trial. Winks and waves and "You're the best judge ever" comments can get you far in a court of law apparently.

But the case isn't over. Moreno says Hilton could still have to repay a portion of $1 million she was paid, based on how much was for promotion. The judge ordered lawyers to file more legal papers in the coming weeks on that issue.

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