Miami-Dade Prosecutor Punches Pizza Delivery Lady

When prosecutor David Ranck says hold the anchovies, he really means it

Veteran Miami-Dade prosecutor David Ranck faces battery charges after an alleged scuffle with a pizza delivery woman on Saturday during a delivery that went horribly wrong.

It's the second report of prosecutors gone wild in the past week. A Broward County prosecutor was arrested late last week for punching a cop in the back of the head during a barroom fight.

At least he picked on a man.

According to police reports, Ranck and the unidentified woman got into a shouting match when the delivery person couldn't get into the attorney's gated community. After a bit of shouting that woke the neighbors, the woman told Ranck to come downstairs if he wanted his pizza.

Ranck did and punched the woman in the arm, Miami-Dade police said. He also knocked off her snazzy pizza delivery visor.

It's unclear what Ranck was so mad about or if his pizza order was correct. Maybe the pizza was cold and didn't come in the 30-minutes-or-less guarantee.

Ranck said the woman tapped him with her car, which sparked the altercation. Police sided with the pizza woman on Saturday, but did not take Ranck to lock up. He was released on his own recognizance.

The Miami-Dade County State Attorney's Office has suspended Ranck without pay. We expect Ranck will also end up on the "do not deliver" list for local pizza places.

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