Broward Prosecutor Arrested on Meth Charge

Broward County assistant state attorney Molena Mompoint is facing a methamphetamine charge after she was pulled over for a traffic stop Monday.

According to Wilton Manors Police, Mompoint was pulled over initially for driving with an expired tag decal, failure to use a turn signal and having a tag that was not registered to the vehicle. The car’s tag decal had expired in July 2012, according to police.

The arrest report stated that an officer asked Mompoint if there was anything illegal inside the car and she said “she did not know, however she previously had some attorney friends in her car that had ‘smoked weed’ and ‘had Molly.’”

Wilton Manors Police said they found one clear capsule that contained a powdery substance that tested positive for meth and weighed roughly 0.1 grams. Mompoint was interviewed by police after being read her rights, she again said her “attorney friends left the ‘Molly’ in her car.”

Mompoint has been suspended without pay, according to Ron Ishoy, spokesperson for the Broward State Attorney’s Office.

"We have asked the governor’s office to assign the case to a State Attorney’s Office in another circuit," he added.

Mompoint had been working for the office since Jan. 2, 2013. Her annual salary is $41,400.

NBC 6 attempted to speak to Mompoint at her home Wednesday evening, but she didn't respond. It's unknown if Mompoint has a lawyer handling the case.

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