State Attorney

Protesters for Corey Jones Take Over Palm Beach

Protesters say their demonstrations will not stop until Corey Jones’ death is avenged.

“This is about an indictment of Officer Raja that we need the state attorney to look at this case very carefully and not let this get swept under the rug,” said Derrick McCray, a protester.

Dozens gathered outside of the Palm Beach Gardens Mall to have their voices heard. Corey Jones was killed by former Palm Beach Gardens Police Officer Nouman Raja. It’s reported Raja shot Jones on October 18th at 3 a.m. Jones was pulled over at a ramp on I-95 where his car had broken down. That’s where Raja fired the gun, and protests gathered there today, and popped their hoods to continue their fight.

Stefanie Warren was out protesting today and she says, “It’s about justice for Corey, getting an indictment and asking the state attorney to open up questionable police shootings.”

Officer Raja was fired from the police department.

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