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Puppies & Giraffes: A Look at What Went Viral This Week

From babies to giraffes, there’s a lot that was trending online this week. Here’s just a glance at what went viral.

Millennials Can’t Buy Homes Because of Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties: Sound familiar? According to real estate website Zillow, millennials aren’t buying homes because they are too busy attending bachelor and bachelorette parties. Attending nine destination bachelor parties in your lifetime can set you back about $14,000. In other words, that’s 35% of a down payment on a median price home. It’s proving to be even more difficult, since home values have risen more than eight percent since last year. It’s official – bachelor parties are the new avocado toast.

Brady Bunch Home Up for Sale: The 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom mid-century modern home in Los Angeles is up for sale for $1.88 million. The home features two master suites, plenty of space for entertaining and perfectly preserved 1970’s décor. Unfortunately, Alice the Housekeeper does not come with the house.

April the Giraffe is Pregnant – Again!: April became famous when her pregnancy was being livestreamed earlier this year. She finally gave birth to Tajiri in April. Now, April is pregnant with her fifth baby. It’s unclear whether it’s a boy or girl, or when she’ll give birth. But if her last pregnancy was any indication, she’ll be preggo for like, 30 years, and everyone will be talking about it on social media.

Puppy Lovers, Read This!: More than 360 golden retrievers gathered at a meet up in Scotland. They met up to celebrate the 150th anniversary since the breed was first created. Here’s a quick history lesson for you – the golden retriever was actually part of an experiment by Lord Tweedmouth, who bred a wavy-coated retriever and a gold spaniel together in 1868. The first golden retriever was born in Tomich, which is the town in Scotland where the meet up occurred. I have to be totally honest with you, though. That’s one party I don’t want to stay for the cleanup, if you know what I mean.

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